Loving La Rose

January 22, 2022


We’ve done a complete nosedive into roses.   You see, it’s the star ingredient in La Rose, our latest collection of home and wellness products.   

Although most of us associate roses with love and romance, this beautiful flower has a history of medicinal healing that goes back centuries.  Records dating back to 50 AD suggest that ancient Romans grew rose flowers in vast fields and local hothouses to ensure a year-round supply for medicinal extracts, cooking ingredients and decorative ornamentation.

  Our nosedive was on the medicinal healing powers of this wonder flower.  Simply smelling the fragrance of roses is beneficial to you.  The uplifting scent boosts mood, relieves anxiety, and helps treat depression.    It is this aromatherapy grounding that guided the creation of the JustEdward Botanical La Rose collection.  We use rose water, rose absolute, and natural and essential oils to create a collection of fresh scented products that are especially effective during these challenging times.  Launching soon, the collection includes Room & Linen Spray, Candle, Reed Diffuser, Hand Wash, Hand Lotion, Relaxing Eye Pillow, and unite the soul Roll-On remedy.