".....wherever you happen to be, you can give into a moment of serenity and get to calm with a whiff of Just Edward fragrances" 

 Just Edward botanical fragrances are grounded in county therapy.  That is the power of fresh air, green fields and clean water, to lift moods and brighten outlook. This holistic wellness is what you experience from a stay in Prince Edward County. Whether you are here for one day one week or one year; the county’s ambience and ability to mellow out and de-stress the foggiest of brains is renown.

I discovered county therapy after marrying into a fourth generation PECer(made up word for Prince Edward County born and raise).   Each time my stressful, hectic city life threaten to overwhelm, the go-to prescription is a road trip to Ameliasburg. It gets me back to calm every time.  Since it’s not always doable to make the hours long drive to PEC(aka I have a lot of stressed-out moments), I started to dream of ways to quietly remember the serenity of the experience; and bring the county’s healing effect into those small moments of everyday life. This led to the creation of Just Edward Botanical home fragrances. 

That essence and spirit of PEC has been captured in our pure, richly scented candles and room sprays.  Aromas of lilacs, apples, grapes, fresh water and cedarwood  are melded with  natural plants and flowers farm-grown in the county.  Our candles are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of paraffins, phthalates, parabens and animal products. We use the highest quality essential oils and nature-based fragrances to create aromas that enhance and support emotional health.

Just Edward candles and room sprays are hand-poured at our workshop in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario. We hope you enjoy the results and encourage you to visit the county soon.



Jo Campbell-Clarke
Just Edward Botanicals
P.O Box 6118
Picton, ON  K0K 2T0   .