Reed Diffusers.  A natural way to a heavenly scent

Reed Diffusers.  A natural way to a heavenly scent

February 07, 2021



Scented candle addicts know, that as much as we love the glow and look of an open flame, there are situations where it is just not practical to burn a candle 7x24 to scent your space.  Reed Diffusers are an easy solution to this problem.  They are a way to always have that whiff of your favourite fragrance going in any room even when you are not there to keep an eye on things. 

Unlike a candle which spreads scent by reheating blended fragrance and molten wax.  A reed diffuser spreads fragrance more organically.  Wooden sticks (or reeds) are added to a glass bottle which contains a blend of fragrance and carrier oils(base).   The reeds pull the fragrance oils from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the reed, where the scent then evaporates into the air. They require pretty much zero maintenance or remembering to do anything, besides maybe flipping the reeds every couple of months and refilling the bottle as needed. 

JustEdward reed diffusers are launching this spring. And like our candles, they are packed with green goodness that delight the senses while caring for the environment. We use a base infused with pure renewable coconut that is 100% vegan, and free of phthalates and parabens.  Our reeds are ecologically harvested unbleached bamboo sticks.  Presented in a recycled glass bottle, JustEdward reed diffusers contains no allergens or other Prop 65 ingredients that are yucky for the planet. Just like our candles, all diffusers are locally made using pure natural fragrances inspired by the bounty of Prince Edward County. Available in Lilacs of Cherry Valley, Lavande, and Willow Run, other aromas will be following soon.  Connect with us on Instagram for launch dates and giveaways.

Warm regards --Jo