Pining for Peonies

Pining for Peonies

August 16, 2020

A couple of nights ago, over a glass of wine,  I was scrolling through the photos on my phone when I came across shots of my peonies taken in May. 

I realize how much I love these fluffy blooms and really wish they could last longer that those few fleeting weeks of spring.  I was curious as to where they might bloom longer or later in the seasons, and asked Google of course.  Get this... in Alaska of all places, peonies bloom in late summer because of the near twenty odd hours of sunlight that region receives that time of year.  According to Sheridan Nurseries, peonies loves full to partial sun and requires a minimum of five hours sunshine a day.  However, the more sunlight they get the more watering they need and, they do not like direct afternoon sun….so peonies are a little picky.

In my surfing I also learnt that for centuries, peonies have been used in medicinal practice. Named after Paeon, physician to the Greek goods, Peony water, an infusion of peony petals, was a natural remedy renown for it’s healing powers.  Peony root extract is revered for its ability to restore the skin’s lustre as it heals from cuts and wounds.  So it’s nickname The King of Flowers is well earned.

I might try the infused water. The root extract remedy thingy—not so much, as this would require digging up the plant, which means less blossoms to love next spring.  But of course, as with everything there's always a Plan B.  I’ve added “Peony of the Prince” on my bucket list of Just Edward Botanical candle scents to launch one day


Jo Campbell-Clarke