Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffusers are making a comeback

April 09, 2022

Reed diffusers are a great way to fragrance your home or any indoor space.

The reed diffuser delivers fragrance continuously and gradually without the need for an open flame.   Through a distinct yet simple wicking system, bamboo sticks are immersed into a with a special non-toxic dispersing base, that is blended with essential and fragrance oils. 

Scenting your room with this method offers some real advantages:
  • No Flame - unlike candles, the reed diffuser has no flame. This makes the reed diffuser a safer alternative for basements, closets, bathrooms, or any situation where it’s not possible to monitor continuously
  • No Heat - heated fragrances like plugins may damage the fragrance or essential oils while the reed diffuser protects the integrity of the oils.
  • Lasting Fragrance - with incense or candles the aroma is temporary, relying on active lighting. The reed diffuser lasts all day and night.
  • No Smoke - incense is nice but the smoke is not so wonderful. The reed diffuser achieves the same purpose but without any smoke.
  • No Electric Power - you can place a reed diffuser anywhere without having to rely on an outlet or change batteries.


Ease of use and minimal maintenance and care have made reed diffusers a hugely popular product in room fragrance. Just Edward Botanicals are crafted with green fragrances and essential oils to deliver exquisite flame-free scents for up to 90 days.  . Each JEB diffuser includes a glass bottle, fragrance and 10 diffuser reeds. The number of reeds that you use is up to you.  The more reeds used, the stronger the scent throw.