Scent Discovery Set

Scent Discovery Set

June 29, 2020

Just Edward Botanical Scent Discovery Set

At JustEdward Botanicals, we swear by the power of fragrance to trigger fond memories and create a sense of place.  Our candles and apothecary products are scented with pure and simple perfumes found in nature.  We use real essential oils and natural grade fragrances to create scents that liven the mood and create stress free environments.  An escape to the country awaits with every light of our candles.  De-fog, unplug and reconnect to the simple pleasures of everyday life.

Sand   | Rose, Musk, Driftwood and Coconut

The fragrance of hot summer days, strolling along the white sand banks at Outlet Beach as refreshing crystal clear Lake Ontario water laps at your heels. 


Empire    | Lemon Verbena, Bergamot, Violet, Musk and Vanilla 

That bright fresh citrusy memory of the country roadside lemonade sand. The launch of your first business empire.  Dreams live on!


Orchards  |  Black Currant, Apple Blossoms, Peaches, Amber, Grapefruit, Rhubarb

Get transported to the rolling acres of Prince Edward County.   Orchards is a walk in the fields when everything is in bloom.   


Lilacs of Cherry Valley  | Lilac, Lavendar Leaf, Cherry Blossoms

Reminiscent of the lush flowering hedges that adorn the county during spring.


The Vines  |  Prosecco, Apricots, Vanilla and Rhubarb

A decadent celebration of the many wineries dotted throughout Prince Edward County.


Rum Runner  |  Oak, Whiskey and Tobacco Flower

Inspired by the county’s mischievous prohibition era past of running boat loads of liquor from distilleries in Corbyville across Lake Ontario to thirsty citizens in NY state where at the time, booze was banned. 


Lavande  |  Lavender, Lavender and Lavender

Take a walk in a lavender field and breathe in the fresh, sweet floral-herbaceous scent of this healing flower.  We blend PEC county grown essential oils with that from lavender farms across Ontario.