Coconut and the County

Coconut and the County

June 19, 2020

There are plenty of white sand beaches in PEC but no coconut trees... that is until now!

We've bought the best of both worlds together in Just Edward candles by blending the fruits of this amazing tree with farm grown ingredients found throughout the county.  Our candles contain 80% coconut wax. This means that your candle: 

 + holds fragrance extremely well making it strong smelling when unlit …. and lit

+ is clean burning. While no candle, fire, or flame will ever be “soot-free” – coconut wax produces far less soot than paraffin, soy, and other options.

+ has a natural pure creamy wax – no dye needed

+ burns cooler, slower and longer... making it a great value for money 

+ …and best of all 100% sustainable.  No deforestation is required to produce coconut wax.  Our wax is ethically sourced from growers in Latin America and the Caribbean.  We contribute a percentage of each purchase to One Tree Planted.  A charity dedicated to promoting independent farming and reforestation to our neighbours in to the south. 

Green and as Good as it Gets !

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