Candle Snuffer

  •  A candle snuffer is an essential candle accessory. This puppy safely extinguishes the candle, and removes the risk of blowing or spilling hot wax onto yourself or your furniture. 


     ..pretending that you're blowing out birthday candles is fun to do.  But let's face it, after a few glasses of wine it's harder to pull this off without creating a bit of a mess. A snuffer is a safe and easy way to flame out......

    Available in:  Black Matte, Gold or Rose Gold.
  • Don't blow it. Hold snuffer over the candle flame for a few seconds. This puts out the flame in no time flat.     


    This gizmo has been around for centuries and still works like a charm.  The sleek design gives it modern appeal. Wipe clean with soft dry cloth

    1. Made of:                100% steel.  Electroplated finish

      Dimensions(cm):   H=8.5 W=1 D=1.5 

      Weight :                  11 kg

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