Rum Runner Candle

  • A conversation starter. You'll be debating all night about what the 'something' is in this candle that gives it such an obsessive sniff. Green and earthy, Rum Runner has a soft spot to it that appeals equally to women and men who have fun at great parties.   


    Top:         clementine, neroli
    Middle:   tobacco flower, hay, grass
    Base:       whiskey, oak, amber 
    Light this scented candle to bring the warmth of a party to any space

    Inspired by the county’s mischievous prohibition era past of running boat loads of liquor from distilleries in Corbyville across Lake Ontario to thirsty citizens in NY state where at the time, booze was banned. Scandalous but so much fun

    227g or 8oz | approx. 80 hours burn time 

  • Every day we are inspired by the natural untamed beauty of Prince Edward County. So we set out to make a candle that is true to the essence of the place that we're fortunate enough to call home.

    WAX & WICK: Our candles are made from  ethically sourced natural waxes---90% sustainable coconut wax, and a 10% soy beeswax blend. Formulated here in Ontario, this unique combo leads to a cleaner, longer lasting candle than you're probably use to. Our candle wicks are made from 100% cottonwood, a tree that grows freely throughout Prince Edward County. The flat braided design of our wicks promotes even, smoke-free burning.

    ESSENTIAL & FRAGRANCE OILS: The beautiful essential oils and natural fragrances that give each candle its unique scent are Phthalate Free and are made in Canada or the US.

    VESSELS & PACKAGING:  Each Just Edward candle comes in a refined container which you can reuse around the home or office. All labels and cardboard packaging materials are 100% recyclable. Candles are poured and packed from our studio just outside Picton, ON.

  • "..I need instructions on how to use a candle"....said no one EVER!. having said that, these tips and tricks, are worth the read.


    DO burn for 2 hours on your first use. This allows the top layer of wax to fully melt, ensuring even burning when next lighting it. Wax has a memory so it is important not to skip this step

    DO trim your wick. A trimmed wick will make it last longer; prevents black smoke from occurring; and ensures the glass isn't overheating

    DO re-centre your wick after each burn. Do this after putting your candle out, and while the wax is still liquid. This will prevent the wick from shifting.


    Practicing these quick and easy care tips will help your candle to last longer and will ensure that it always smells and looks good as it did on day one!

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