Pure Ingredients

Just Edward  candles are ecologically sound, sustainable and made without any pesticides or parabens. We believe that you can smell good, be good and, do good all without compromise. Complete dedication to this principle is what drives us to use the purest ingredients and the highest quality components. 


Coconut Soy Wax

We spent over a year testing and obsessing over candle wax recipes.  And it was worth every effort. In the end, we discovered a wax that is the perfect balance of  coconut and soy.  Our candles are made from this unique blend of wax that burns evenly, is superclean and delivers lasting scent when the candle is both lit(hot) or unlit(cold). 

The wax we use in Just Edward candles contains no nasty fillers or yucky paraffin, parabens or pesticides. It's just plain, pure and simple. There's even more goodness with this wax, it's more than 80% coconut that have been harvested naturally …and best of all ..is 100% sustainable.  No deforestation is required to produce coconut wax. Our wax is ethically sourced from growers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

 We contribute a percentage of each purchase to One Tree Planted., a charity dedicated to promoting independent farming and reforestation to our neighbours in to the south. The soy wax used in our recipe is source from farmers in Canada.  

Cottonwood Wick

Our candle wicks are 100% natural, braided and flat in shape. This unique fibre is made from the flower of the cottonwood tree.  There are tons of Cotton Wood

trees in Prince Edward County, and from time to time we've all complained about how messy they can be.  That sometimes annoying white fluff however, makes an amazing candle wick   When lit it has a wider, tear-dropped shaped flame that emits an even consistent glow. This innovative design brings the heat of the flame closer to the edge of the jars giving you a better melt pool and an enhanced scent throw.



At JustEdward Botanicals, we swear by the power of fragrance to trigger fond memories and create a sense of place. 

Our candles are scented with pure and simple perfumes found in nature.  We use real essential oils and natural grade fragrances to create scents that liven the mood and create stress free environments.  An escape to the country awaits with every light of our candles.  De-fog, unplug and reconnect to the simple pleasures of everyday life.