Lavender Eye Pillow

  •  Get to Calm companion. Applying a slight pressure on your eyes and forehead can help your body relax more deeply, promote relaxation and relieves stress.  Great for anxiety relief and calming the eyes, after yoga or other workouts.  Awesome for catnaps.  The Eye pillow insert is 100% organic cotton muslin bag.   The JustEdward eye pillow is perfectly weighted.  The removable cover is washable and made from 100% cotton.

    Approximate size: 8.5" x 4.5" x .5" .      175g or .35lb 


    Fresh air, green fields and clean water, has the power to lift moods, brighten outlook and de-stress the foggiest of brains. Prince Edward County is blessed with an abundance of these and is the essence of all our products. 

  • Insert contains flax seed, pure lavender essential oil, and French lavender buds.  Washable outer casing is 100% cotton (remove insert before washing).


  • Over time the scent will start to soften and go away.  Keep scrunching the insert to release the oils from the lavender buds we've mixed in with the flax seed.  Want an even stronger scent? Add a drop of essential oil ..

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