Wick Trimmer

  •  A wick trimmer is THE must have tool for all candle lovers.Keeping a candle's wick trimmed prior to burning creates an even flame, encourages even pooling and keeps the scent fresher for longer.


    ..using this is way better than a pair of scissors.  The angled edge on the trimmer allows for a clean cut every time. The special tray will catch the burnt wick, stopping it from falling back into the candle...
    Available in:  Black Matte, Gold or Rose Gold.
  • Before lighting a used candle, trim the wick to about 1/8" to 1/4" above the candle surface.  Discard the trimmings and viola! Your candle is ready for its next burn. 


    This easy routine will make your candle last longer, smell stronger and avoid tunnels from forming over time. 

    1. Made of:                100% steel

      Dimensions(cm):   18 x 7 x  3.5

      Weight :                  11 kg

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