Savon de Marseille soap cube - 600g Palm oil

Genuine Savon de Marseille (Marseille soaps).  Imported.  Made in Marseille, France.  

This household soap works well with our bamboo dish brush to sustainably clean your dishes, pots and pans.  Clean counters and surfaces by rubbing a wet towel and apply.  With its refined rustic look, this soap looks more like beautiful home decor than cleaning supply.

 Savon de Marseille is the omg of soap, with production dating back to the 1600s. To be called Savon de Marseille, the soap’s formula must contain 100% natural ingredients and a minimum of 72% palm oil. Only a master soap-maker can create this unique blend and will take 10-14 days to perfect it via age-old methods. No need to go back in time to get your hands on such authentic luxury, however; we have a great selection of Savon de Marseille soap cubes. This zero waste soap is sumptuous, authentic and long lasting

  • Made using the traditional methods

  • 100% natural and vegan-friendly ith no added scent, colour or preservatives

  • Enriched with a minimum 72% palm oil

 300 g  |  Dimensions:  6.5cm X 6.5cm X 6.5cm | Wrapped in cellophane to seal in moisture

INGREDIENTS : sodium palmate, aqua, sodium palm kernelate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxyde

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